Our health and wellness device creates a wonderful feeling of calm that will help you de-stress and reduce pain, at the comfort of your home.

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How does it work?

These amazing devices use 5 different energies delivered by what is known a Low Level PEMF therapy (Used by NASA for astronauts). PEMF is Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields at a low level which are known to influence cell behaviour by inducing tiny electrical changes around and within the body’s cells. This improves blood supply and increases the oxygen pressure thus activating and regenerating cells. A bit like recharging your cellphone!

They have two health & wellness frequencies which are selectable to reduce stress or pain. They have white noise which is healing in its own right. These are delivered together with light energy, color energy and crystalline energy. The frequencies are created in sine wave which has proven to be the best type of wave form to deliver this type of therapy.

All of the above are working in synchronicity to create a wonderful feeling of calm that will help to de-stress you or reduce your pain depending on which therapy you select.

Health & Wellness Device

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Our Stress and Pain Reduction Device is ideal for:

Those who are experiencing high levels of stress

Those who are suffering from ongoing and new pain conditions

Those who want the benefits of a reduced stress and reduced pain lifestyle


Therapy For Pain Relief

For painful areas of the back, shoulders or hips etc. you should lie on a bed or sofa to be comfortable. You can also treat throat pain and toothache this way. For lower arm areas and hands use the device on a table making sure that you are comfortable. For knees, ankles and feet you can have the unit on your lap or a foot stool. Position the light units around 5 cm away from the area that you wish to treat. Switch the device on, select pain therapy and press start. Adjust the light heads if necessary so that they are targeting the painful area.


Stress Relief Therapy

To use for stress relief you slide the base board under your pillow or cushion. Switch the unit on, select the stress therapy and press start. Lie with your head between the light units and position them as the instruction manual For pain, switch the device on and position the light units around 5 cm away from the area that you wish to treat.


Long Lasting Effects

Depending on your lifestyle, this wonderful feeling of stress reduction or pain relief can last for a few days. Having said that, the device can be used on a daily basis and even twice a day if you wish.

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