Are EMFs dangerous?

We expect that you may have heard that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that come from things like towers, routers, microwaves and the like are dangerous. EMFs can alter your DNA and reconfigure your genes which can leave your cells not really knowing what to do. That can result in a lot of havoc, ranging from being tired all the time or ending up with DNA damage and cancer. Low Level PEMF therapy is not the same thing! For a start PEMF is pulsed in short bursts of low level magnetic energy. The therapeutic frequency of PEMFs look a lot like the frequencies you encounter in nature, so your body knows how to deal with it. We use a natural Theta brainwave frequency which is the same frequency that your brain uses every day to get you close to sleep.

Are there any contraindications for Low Level PEMF therapy?

Persons with implanted electrical devices like pacemakers should not use PEMF equipment as there is a slight risk of the pulsed electromagnetic fields switching off such a device. PEMFs are also contraindicated for organ transplant patients. Lastly pregnant women should not use PEMF equipment.

Is this therapy painful?

No, not at all in fact it is extremely gentle. No equipment physically touches you, only the energy from the light heads reaches you.

How often can I use this equipment?

We recommend twice per day as a maximum. Normally one treatment each day is enough to reduce stress or pain levels.

Can I use the stress reduction therapy to go to sleep with?

Yes, in fact very many people have fallen asleep during our testing phase. The equipment has a two-tone buzzer that tells you when the therapy is finished. This can be switched off so that if you wish to use the equipment before you sleep you can. We would recommend that you move the light heads to a position that would not interfere with your head when you turn over in your sleep. There is an earphone audio jack and the equipment has a wonderful calming track in it.

Why are gemstones used?

We include gemstones because the wonderful blend of sapphires that we use have well-known health-giving energies in them. The gemstones in our devices are resonated with the Low Level PEMF frequencies which makes them emit what is scientifically known as dielectric resonance. This does not harm the gemstones and they never need cleaning as they are sealed in a special chamber.

Can I drive or operate machinery after this therapy?

With the stress reduction therapy we recommend that you take a short break of 15 minutes or so before these activities are undertaken as some people feel just a little drowsy like as when you first wake up after a night’s sleep. It can take a few minutes for you to come to full consciousness.

Can children use this equipment?

Yes, it is very safe but we recommend no younger than 4 years of age.

Does the equipment play music?

Yes, there is a normal 3.5mm earphone audio jack and the equipment has a wonderful calming track. The music that is recorded in 432 Hertz and is healing in its own right.

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