Reducing Stress Levels

The Ananda design engineers have worked on frequency driven Low Level PEMF complimentary health equipment since 2005. Our designs have been used all over the world ever since then with some amazing results. The Stress program that we have designed has worked with incredible success in reducing the stress levels of very many people.

You will find the equipment very easy to use and we are sure that you will have good results from using it. The stress reduction program will have you in a better place in just a few minutes.

When we were trialing our latest versions our test clients came out with comments like: “WOW”“AMAZING”“I FEEL SO CALM”“OHHHH WONDERFUL” at the end of a single 30-minute session.

Because we are dedicated to healing with our Low Level PEMF equipment, we are constantly researching and improving our designs and will be introducing more versions over the next couple of years. We are currently working on versions for Migraine, Dementia, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, IBS and more.

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